Monday, October 31, 2005

think about this for a minute, aye? If God can exist a priori and have no explaination why can't the universe likewise exist without explaination and also be without any creator whatsoever? I am that I am can apply to both, if you think of both as being an origin. one is as likely as the other to be the truth. so why is it that people can't agree. with or without God we are here right now and we are discussing the very thing. does discussing God not necessarily make him real? by the very fact that we have the idea we have to have gotten the idea from some perception of our senses. and whether or not we do learn from the senses then we would have our conception from our very beginning or whence we found in our perception that we had the idea of God outlined. could it be that God does not exist for the person until they have percieved that he might exist? i know that for me the fact that i have no evidence that any such being exists strongly undermines my belief in his existence. i have found that those with the strongest faith have had the supernatural happen to them when they most needed to see it. it may be in their mind only but in either case it is there for them to form into the idea that there must be some force out there looking out for our well-being. i think that the first religions built upon this protective force and became more elaborate as they went along until you had the codification of laws that were divinely inspired to rule the way a person lives not only here but in the hereafter. thus, according to my argument, religion flows out of the archaic need for organization in a seemingly disorganized world using as its means rules by which life should be led.
that is all.


Blogger SafeTinspector said...

Anselm's Ontological argument (that God exists because we can imagine the existance of God) is one of the most bizarre "proofs" that have been kicking around for the last few centuries, and sounds a lot like what you're talking about here.
Of course, even when it was new there were detractors, because humans are capable of imagining all sorts of nonsense.

3:26 AM  
Blogger the great white hype said...

that is one of the ones i was thinking of. there is also the very persuasive argument of St. Thomas Aquinas dealing with the ideas newton kinda used about movement: it has to start someplace. with him it goes to some unmoved mover made the very first movement by his thought kind of think.

2:24 PM  
Blogger missy said...

Wow, what a find (this blog)! I haven't had this kind of discussion since I was in my philo grad class...

But before I get so into it... I am here following the great white hype (not sure if he has a blog that is exclusively his, so I'm posting it here) who visited my blog to ask if the cinema capture I have of Mr Bale is from Equilibrum... it's not, it's from El Maquinista- a film I really enjoyed for it alludes to Dostoevsky. Well it was quite obvious really as you will see his book in the film.


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