Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Grandiloquent Harangue in Regards of Chauvinism in America's Economy...

First off, I'd like to apologize for the lengthy title... I found it fit.

How many of us [Americans] actually realize how pejorative of a people we are? We disdain all others; races, countries, RELIGIONS (this is a topic that perturbs my thought daily... religions [and the rejection/acceptance of them] have proved to be [in some circumstances] quite pernicious... only resulting in calamity and division between the nations), etc. True, most other non-democratic nations are cretinous in a comparative of government... But that gives us no right to gloat! Businessmen, although superior in Corporate America, are no better than any other person, yet seem to have the mindset that they are. Does the "Director of Corporate Real Estate" for a major corporation do any more (if not less) work than say a car mechanic? No. So why does society reward him with greater accolade than the mechanic?

I don't know...Our country is filled with (and GOVERNED by) the ignoramus.

Although grateful to live in such a well established society, I often times find myself feeling sordid to be part of such a condescending society (for I cannot [nor do I wish to] physical emancipate myself from our society... but that won't alter nor allay my indecision to conform to the stereotypes that infatuate our society on a daily basis).
So, if anyone has a thought on this topic (or would like to criticize me), feel free to comment.

Osalamamolega my brotha's and sista's!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Video Clip by MyVeo

Rejected Cartoons!!!! Watch! Bitches.