Tuesday, July 19, 2005

i love that brendan brought up the discussion of why God doesn't exist. because you can't know but you can have an opinion. it's like bad science. i always have loved the argument from the lack of free will due to God's plan leading into a discussion of how God must embody evil at least as much as he does good. this is because he, in his omnipotence, created the forces of evil knowing full well all the destruction, pestilence and strife they would call. this tacit approval means that he allowed the creation of evil. it's like not voting. by not you give your approval for the administration that comes and what it does. would there be any doubt that if you let Bush become elected with your purposeful action that it is equally your fault as it is someone who voted for him? yes! you are at fault because you failed to prevent the terrible result. so then God is more responsible for being evil because he not only knew what would happen by his actions but also encouraged it through the creation of the agents of destruction. this is why God is necessarily both good and evil incarnate. so how can you worship someone who brought about all of the suffering you see?


Blogger Tyler said...

That is a very good point...

But God creating evil is not the same as him being evil.

If your in the garage, does that make you a car?

And what would good be without evil to expose it? Would you appreciate the glorious if there were no lament?

"How can you worship someone who brought about suffering?" Did not that person who brought about that suffering also bring to you your own joy and peacefulness? Did God creating that evil in turn lead to peace?

When I look out my window and into the world, I see more beauty than pain... When I look into my heart, I know more beauty than pain.

Every breath you take is a miracle... I just think we take it for granted.

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Blogger the great white hype said...

i question these things only because i can't resolve them for myself. because yes, we have so much beauty around us but we also have so much pain. you may not see as much here in the U.S. because we have a very nice, cushy existence. we're priveleged. but adam and eve knew everything about perfect happiness. why would you create something for the sole purpose of having that thing do evil? the devil and eve both were born into this world having a burden already on them to be the sources of evil for humanity. why do that? especially if you are the greatest good. i personally don't appreciate God as much because of that. Adam and Eve were happy with their environment.
i'm not questioning all the good that has been brought about only the evil. the idea that a being who is intrinsically good creating evil is contrary. a good person doesn't murder an evil person murders. a good person doesn't steal. they also don't condone these things. if they did we would say that they were backwards. the point is that good will always be good and evil will always be evil. the same goes for any action a being takes. so how could a being that does only the greatest good created the greatest harm?

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