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God didn't wanna be such a control freak....

I'll start with some observations on sin according to general Christian dogma. In Christianity turning the other cheek, being polite, and being kind are values held in high regard. Now personally, a slap in the face(both metaphorically and physically) is the best thing you can give someone. Embarassment and harsh criticism leads to great personal growth(as brutish as it sounds). Shame is the soil in which we harvest our pride. So being kind will only take you(and society) so far. People recieve way to much pity(anbd repentance) for being stupid in our society. So in Christianity, this weakness, this so called strength, is seen as being righteous. It's meek and unproductive.

As for other sins I can basically agree with the Christian dogma. Yeah it is bad to kill, so long as we want to retain a semblance of society stealing is bad. I can agree that adultery is bad, the purpose of life is to love and ask questions in that order. Adultery makes your monogamy and commitment meaningless. However, waiting for sex until marriage, that's kind of a joke. What is so evil about sex? We are made to have sex, we are anatomically outfitted to have sexual intercourse. What does marriage mean necassarily anyways, that you have a piece of paper that says, "Yup, you're married now you can fuck." Pardon my language. But honestly, sex can be a tool of emotional and spiritual communion, and it's not sinful. It can be meaningless, no doubt, which I find unappealing. But as I've stated(and will do again for the sake of redundancy), sex can be wholesome, fulfilling, and beautiful. Oh yes, and gratifying(hehehe). Additionally, waiting until marriage for the sake of pleasing God in the hopes of acheiving a great afterlife goes completely against the "eternal return of the same"(Nietzsche). Live life like you mean it, what if there is NO afterlife, what if this is your one moment? What if there is no eternity?

Now for a closing thought and an arguement against the existence of God(although in the face of nihilism, all arguements are futile for our existence itself is a debatable topic). If God has a plan for us how can we have any free will. You're going to end up wherever the hell God decides to put you. So in the face of God all resistance is futile. You have no free will at all in light of God's "all knowingness." This, for me, is one of the greatest(although it is one of many) contradictions in the Bible(I hate capitalizing God and Bible). Another thing about god's all knowingness as it relates to our being able to acheive anything through god. If I believe in Jesus Christ and the heavenly father anything is possible, correct? What if the ONLY thing I want from god is for him not to know, for him to let me be Brendan Harrison(not Brendan Harrison a creation of god) for one second. All I want is for god to let me be alone for five minutes. Can God grant me my one wish......

Brendan Munro Harrison


Blogger Tyler said...

I am going to respect your opinion (because it truly is quite a respectable opinion)... But on the topic of turning the other cheek...

It is stated in the Bible that characteristics of growing and becoming stronger are such as you claimed in advacary to turning the other cheek. Humility and pain do make you grow (physicaly, mentaly, spiritualy) and that IS according to the Bible.

But what makes you think that you have to be the one to make others grow (in [negative] ways previously stated)? There will always be people and circumstances that humiliate and hurt people... why do you feel that you have to be one to contribute?

You gain nothing from causing pain, only from recieving it.

9:02 PM  
Blogger Tyler said...

Haha, we are going to end up debating each other on our own conjoined blog quite frequently (or so it seems).
Kind of (ironiclly) funny...

9:04 PM  
Blogger Brendan said...

"You gain nothing from causing pain, only from recieving it."

-Tyler P

So if we gain from receiving pain obviously someone has to inflict that pain.

9:14 PM  
Blogger Tyler said...

Okay... (sorry, I must speak my mind again)...

How is it possible that there is no eternity?

"Time" (simply a unit of measure that the human being had to create due to the fact that "time" [for the lack of a better] is incomprehensible to our minds) is all continuous. There was never a start to "time" (I will keep reffering to "time" in qotations due to the fact that there is no such thing) and there will never be an end to it... okay, i revoke my last statement of "time" has no end because "time" could very well just come to an abrupt end... But creation and Earth have been around (supposedly) for billions of years. Possibly eternity is only a few hundred billion years...

But that could also be a false statement... Because other planets and solar systems existed way before ours... and still, there was no beginning to "time".

But there may very well be an end to eternity. The question is, when?

9:19 PM  
Blogger Tyler said...

Yes, I know someone must inflict that pain... and the majority of the world does.

So if you don't want to be "another brick in the wall", why would you contribute to causing that pain?

9:20 PM  
Blogger Brendan said...

How is it possible that there is no eternity? It's possible like this, you die and the lights simply go out. No heaven, no hell. Now I don't know this for a fact at all. So this isn't my personal opinion. If you want my personal opinion here it is(as it stands today).

There is no free will. We are all out the whim of the causal chain. We act-observe, act-observe. Every action and observation is dictated by the action-observation that preceeded it. Basically, every action is dictated by an action that preceeded that action and that action was preceeded by an action that....etc. Additionally I believe we do exist eternally but not in the poetic sense of dying and going to heaven. We do exist eternally in my eyes through the worlds web of interdependancy. It's like the butterfly effect(not that movie with ashton kutcher). The idea that every action I conduct has an affect, world wide, and the world is consantly affecting me. The will of the world ebbs and flows both in and out of me. Through this web of interdepenancy I exist as long as man exists. Basically eternally.

As for the whole time thing, time does exist. Yes the year, the day, the hour, the minute, and the second are incremental units made by man. Time itself though is real. It does take a certain amount of time to go around the sun. I know time exists because I can see it wear on me. I see little wrinkles appear and scars fade. These are all clear indicators of the passing of time.

9:56 PM  
Blogger the great white hype said...

if you're inflicting the pain ultimately you're at least as good for society and mankind as the person taking it. you must have both sides to have any virute at all, they are hopelessly intertwined.

as to time look back to your previous blog, could we not have created time by our very acceptance of it? we created something real from what was not by our thoughts.

9:58 PM  
Blogger Tyler said...

By my saying that time does not exist, what I am really meaning is that you cannot put a name or label on such a "thing"...

There is "time" (because we have named it such).

10:27 PM  
Blogger Tyler said...

No heven and no hell have NO effect on eternity.

Regarldess of what happens to YOU when you die, time is still continual. When everything is destroyed and nothing else is left, time will still remain.

Yes, it does take a certain amount of "time" to revolve around the sun... but time according to who? Who decides the actuality of the units of time? (Well, humans decide our own actuality... but that does not make it true)

Time in space is completely differnet than that of earth.

So yet again, time cannot exist due to the fact that we cannot know the actuality of it in refference to everything that it finds itself in.

But this could be said about nearly everything...
Who is to determine the absolute truth? (Just because it is the absolute truth to us, does not make it the ABSOLUTE truth)

2:30 PM  
Blogger Jas said...

uh, you have the free will not to believe in God. you can not capitalize his name if you don't want. i didn't capitalize his, and lighting didn't strike.
But once you've decided to be with God, then you'll see/find the plan he has for you.
is that general enough to satisfy everyone?

8:29 PM  

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