Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Apparently, sex should negate love...

Lately I find myself quite perturbed in the matter of our society’s licentiousness. I have lost all of the little respect that I once possessed for our debauchery filled country. The incongruous media that fills our heads everyday is sickening. It is creating extremely sycophantic individuals, which can only result in calamitous conclusions. Pornography will depredate all traces of the little demure left in today’s teens (namely females) by the time that our fathers have passed on into their eternity.

The flesh is weak and will disdain your soul to its own desires.

Your body is your temple… through botch, bruise, ruin, and violation. Deplete your body of morality and all that is inculpable… your temple of spiritual wealth and all of its contents will fall to ruin.

Only pain can be found in search of debauchery…

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

An Imperious State of Intellectual Challenge towards Society

I am presumptuous…I am precocious, contemptuous, and aristocratic…

I am everything that you dare not to be.

For I do not conform to society nor am I bound by its restraints.
I possess an astuteness that confounds the majority of my “equals” (or so would they be named from the mouths of my elders).
How can any persons have authority over me who do not exceed that astuteness? For my haughtiness tells me that there are few of my own elders who do.

What good is my knowledge if it can be condemned by the banal?


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

i love that brendan brought up the discussion of why God doesn't exist. because you can't know but you can have an opinion. it's like bad science. i always have loved the argument from the lack of free will due to God's plan leading into a discussion of how God must embody evil at least as much as he does good. this is because he, in his omnipotence, created the forces of evil knowing full well all the destruction, pestilence and strife they would call. this tacit approval means that he allowed the creation of evil. it's like not voting. by not you give your approval for the administration that comes and what it does. would there be any doubt that if you let Bush become elected with your purposeful action that it is equally your fault as it is someone who voted for him? yes! you are at fault because you failed to prevent the terrible result. so then God is more responsible for being evil because he not only knew what would happen by his actions but also encouraged it through the creation of the agents of destruction. this is why God is necessarily both good and evil incarnate. so how can you worship someone who brought about all of the suffering you see?

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Oedipus couldn't beat this!

i have a story of great tragedy to share with you all. it will make you cry and run home to tell your mother you need hot cocoa. it will make you lament my fate. it will make you pity me like Sophoclese's protagonist.

my fly is broken and won't stay up.

that is all.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Everything is Illuminated(with an i at the inception)

is one of the best books you'll read this year. its imagination and the scope of character developement make you feel like you're living the life of a 17th century jewish woman. even though you and the guy writing aren't women.
that is all.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bloody Cursed (Unpredictable [UNRELIABLE!]) Weather of Colorado!

Damn Colorado weather had to go and ruin my day (such as it ALWAYS does!)!

Now I feel fat.
And unmotivated to do anything about it (the weather has so many other effects on top of its initial intentions).

I'm pissed right now.

I get moody when I don't receive my daily endorphins that are associated with exercise...

Saturday, July 02, 2005

We're All A Little Homoerotic...

It's true! And you know it!
The question is...
To what extent are you?

-Your Equal In Homoeroticism,

What good is anything if we're all equal????

"What good is my freedom if even the most unclean hands can touch it? What good is my wisdom if even the dumb can dictate to me?"

Ayn Rand, Anthem

"If it weren't for the Church there would no such thing as a free thinker."

Friedrich Nietzsche, The Geneology of Morality

Friday, July 01, 2005

Brendan... I Am In Love With You...

Haha, thank you for being insightful!
(And for thinking on a level of superiority to that of the majority of the world)

I tried to start debates and conversations (like the ones we just had/are having) on Myspace... Ha!

I hope I will never have to resort to that again!

God didn't wanna be such a control freak....

I'll start with some observations on sin according to general Christian dogma. In Christianity turning the other cheek, being polite, and being kind are values held in high regard. Now personally, a slap in the face(both metaphorically and physically) is the best thing you can give someone. Embarassment and harsh criticism leads to great personal growth(as brutish as it sounds). Shame is the soil in which we harvest our pride. So being kind will only take you(and society) so far. People recieve way to much pity(anbd repentance) for being stupid in our society. So in Christianity, this weakness, this so called strength, is seen as being righteous. It's meek and unproductive.

As for other sins I can basically agree with the Christian dogma. Yeah it is bad to kill, so long as we want to retain a semblance of society stealing is bad. I can agree that adultery is bad, the purpose of life is to love and ask questions in that order. Adultery makes your monogamy and commitment meaningless. However, waiting for sex until marriage, that's kind of a joke. What is so evil about sex? We are made to have sex, we are anatomically outfitted to have sexual intercourse. What does marriage mean necassarily anyways, that you have a piece of paper that says, "Yup, you're married now you can fuck." Pardon my language. But honestly, sex can be a tool of emotional and spiritual communion, and it's not sinful. It can be meaningless, no doubt, which I find unappealing. But as I've stated(and will do again for the sake of redundancy), sex can be wholesome, fulfilling, and beautiful. Oh yes, and gratifying(hehehe). Additionally, waiting until marriage for the sake of pleasing God in the hopes of acheiving a great afterlife goes completely against the "eternal return of the same"(Nietzsche). Live life like you mean it, what if there is NO afterlife, what if this is your one moment? What if there is no eternity?

Now for a closing thought and an arguement against the existence of God(although in the face of nihilism, all arguements are futile for our existence itself is a debatable topic). If God has a plan for us how can we have any free will. You're going to end up wherever the hell God decides to put you. So in the face of God all resistance is futile. You have no free will at all in light of God's "all knowingness." This, for me, is one of the greatest(although it is one of many) contradictions in the Bible(I hate capitalizing God and Bible). Another thing about god's all knowingness as it relates to our being able to acheive anything through god. If I believe in Jesus Christ and the heavenly father anything is possible, correct? What if the ONLY thing I want from god is for him not to know, for him to let me be Brendan Harrison(not Brendan Harrison a creation of god) for one second. All I want is for god to let me be alone for five minutes. Can God grant me my one wish......

Brendan Munro Harrison

I'll Be Your Pessemistic Adversary

What if I were to tell you that everything you believe in… everything you stand for is wrong? If I (not knowing either what you believe nor what you stand for) tell you (and believe with all heart and actuality) that whatever you think is true, is actually a falsehood… how would you respond? Would you be angry with me (maybe straying from the dogma of the very belief you are fighting for)? … Or would you just try and prove me wrong? I want to hear why you think that whatever it is that you believe (weather it be God, Nihilism, sex, drugs, money, yourself, love, etc.) is true… So, you can leave a comment with any type of response that your little heart desires... and I will be there to prove you wrong. Talk to you soon.
The few,
The proud,
The Hyperborean. (Tyler)