Monday, October 31, 2005

think about this for a minute, aye? If God can exist a priori and have no explaination why can't the universe likewise exist without explaination and also be without any creator whatsoever? I am that I am can apply to both, if you think of both as being an origin. one is as likely as the other to be the truth. so why is it that people can't agree. with or without God we are here right now and we are discussing the very thing. does discussing God not necessarily make him real? by the very fact that we have the idea we have to have gotten the idea from some perception of our senses. and whether or not we do learn from the senses then we would have our conception from our very beginning or whence we found in our perception that we had the idea of God outlined. could it be that God does not exist for the person until they have percieved that he might exist? i know that for me the fact that i have no evidence that any such being exists strongly undermines my belief in his existence. i have found that those with the strongest faith have had the supernatural happen to them when they most needed to see it. it may be in their mind only but in either case it is there for them to form into the idea that there must be some force out there looking out for our well-being. i think that the first religions built upon this protective force and became more elaborate as they went along until you had the codification of laws that were divinely inspired to rule the way a person lives not only here but in the hereafter. thus, according to my argument, religion flows out of the archaic need for organization in a seemingly disorganized world using as its means rules by which life should be led.
that is all.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005


Hey sweetheart! Are you having a good day? Well, I sure hope so... You deserve to have a good day or two :) ... Kelsie, you are so amazing and so wonderful and so outstandingly beautiful... You're perfect. I love every little thing about you and every moment that you've spent lying in my arms. I'm sooooo glad that I can just simply be sitting here with you and feel safer and more at home than ever before... We sure have a lot of memories, don't we>? Probably more than I can count.. Or more than I have with anyone/anything else.... I wish I had every second I've spent with you on video so that I could go back and watch them whenever I'm missing you..... But I don't... The closest thing I've got are some pictures.... But you know what they say, "A picture says a thousand words".... Follow me up to the treefort so I can show you just what I mean ;)

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

A Grandiloquent Harangue in Regards of Chauvinism in America's Economy...

First off, I'd like to apologize for the lengthy title... I found it fit.

How many of us [Americans] actually realize how pejorative of a people we are? We disdain all others; races, countries, RELIGIONS (this is a topic that perturbs my thought daily... religions [and the rejection/acceptance of them] have proved to be [in some circumstances] quite pernicious... only resulting in calamity and division between the nations), etc. True, most other non-democratic nations are cretinous in a comparative of government... But that gives us no right to gloat! Businessmen, although superior in Corporate America, are no better than any other person, yet seem to have the mindset that they are. Does the "Director of Corporate Real Estate" for a major corporation do any more (if not less) work than say a car mechanic? No. So why does society reward him with greater accolade than the mechanic?

I don't know...Our country is filled with (and GOVERNED by) the ignoramus.

Although grateful to live in such a well established society, I often times find myself feeling sordid to be part of such a condescending society (for I cannot [nor do I wish to] physical emancipate myself from our society... but that won't alter nor allay my indecision to conform to the stereotypes that infatuate our society on a daily basis).
So, if anyone has a thought on this topic (or would like to criticize me), feel free to comment.

Osalamamolega my brotha's and sista's!

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Video Clip by MyVeo

Rejected Cartoons!!!! Watch! Bitches.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Apparently, sex should negate love...

Lately I find myself quite perturbed in the matter of our society’s licentiousness. I have lost all of the little respect that I once possessed for our debauchery filled country. The incongruous media that fills our heads everyday is sickening. It is creating extremely sycophantic individuals, which can only result in calamitous conclusions. Pornography will depredate all traces of the little demure left in today’s teens (namely females) by the time that our fathers have passed on into their eternity.

The flesh is weak and will disdain your soul to its own desires.

Your body is your temple… through botch, bruise, ruin, and violation. Deplete your body of morality and all that is inculpable… your temple of spiritual wealth and all of its contents will fall to ruin.

Only pain can be found in search of debauchery…

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

An Imperious State of Intellectual Challenge towards Society

I am presumptuous…I am precocious, contemptuous, and aristocratic…

I am everything that you dare not to be.

For I do not conform to society nor am I bound by its restraints.
I possess an astuteness that confounds the majority of my “equals” (or so would they be named from the mouths of my elders).
How can any persons have authority over me who do not exceed that astuteness? For my haughtiness tells me that there are few of my own elders who do.

What good is my knowledge if it can be condemned by the banal?


Tuesday, July 19, 2005

i love that brendan brought up the discussion of why God doesn't exist. because you can't know but you can have an opinion. it's like bad science. i always have loved the argument from the lack of free will due to God's plan leading into a discussion of how God must embody evil at least as much as he does good. this is because he, in his omnipotence, created the forces of evil knowing full well all the destruction, pestilence and strife they would call. this tacit approval means that he allowed the creation of evil. it's like not voting. by not you give your approval for the administration that comes and what it does. would there be any doubt that if you let Bush become elected with your purposeful action that it is equally your fault as it is someone who voted for him? yes! you are at fault because you failed to prevent the terrible result. so then God is more responsible for being evil because he not only knew what would happen by his actions but also encouraged it through the creation of the agents of destruction. this is why God is necessarily both good and evil incarnate. so how can you worship someone who brought about all of the suffering you see?